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   Autodesk Maya 2012 Fundementals


Autodesk Maya 2012 Fundementals
Exam # Duration Language Level Type Classroom Code Fees
-- 42 English Professional Course Classroom Cs133 0 LE
Description :

This course is the ideal primer to getting started with Maya, the premier 3D animation and effects software used in movies, visual effects, games, cartoons, short films, and commercials. You'll learn the Maya interface and the basics of modeling, texturing, animating, and visual effects.

Objectives :
  • Provides a thorough, step-by-step introduction to Maya 2012
  • Explains the core concepts of CG and working in 3D
  • Covers modeling, rigging, HDRI lighting, mental ray rendering, and more
  • Concepts are reinforced with tutorials that offer realistic challenges and clear explanations
  • Color insert provides real-world examples from talented beginning Maya users

Topics :

Introduction to Computer Graphics and 3D

  • Art?
  • Computer Graphics
  • The Stages of Production
  • The CG Production Workflow
  • Core Concepts
  • Basic Film Concepts

Jumping in Headfirst, with Both Feet

  • You Put the U in UI
  • Project Overview: The Solar System
  • The Preproduction Process: Planning
  • Creating a Project
  • The Production Process: Creating and Animating the Objects
  • Hierarchy and Maya Object Structure
  • The Solar System Resumed
  • Outputting Your Work: Playblasting

The Maya 2012 Interface

  • Navigating in Maya
  • Maya’s Layout
  • Building a Decorative Box
  • Mapping the Box’s Reference Planes with Hypershade
  • Organizing Workflow with Layer Editor
  • Modeling the Decorative Box
  • Editing the Decorative Box Model Using the Shelf
  • Continuing the Decorative Box Model
  • Finishing the Decorative Box Model

Beginning Polygonal Modeling

  • Planning Your Model
  • Polygon Basics
  • Poly Editing Tools
  • Putting the Tools to Use: Making a Simple Hand
  • Creating Areas of Detail on a Poly Mesh
  • Modeling a Classic Steam Locomotive
  • Suggestions for Modeling Polygons

Modeling with NURBS, Subdivisions, and Deformers

  • Using NURBS Surfacing to Create Polygons
  • Converting a NURBS Model to Polygons
  • Editing NURBS Surfaces
  • Patch Modeling: A Locomotive Detail
  • Using Artisan to Sculpt NURBS
  • Modeling with Simple Deformers
  • The Lattice Deformer
  • Animating through a Lattice
  • Subdivision Surfaces
  • Creating a Starfish
  • Building a Teakettle

Practical Experience

  • Beginning the Wagon Project
  • Modeling the Side Panels
  • Creating the Wagon Body
  • Modeling the Wheels
  • Making the Wood Railings
  • Adding Extra Details

Maya Shading and Texturing

  • Maya Shading
  • Shader Types
  • Shader Attributes
  • Texturing the Axe
  • Textures and Surfaces
  • Textures and UVS for the Red Wagon
  • Photoreal Mapping: The Decorative Box
  • For Further Study

Introduction to Animation

  • Keyframe Animation—Bouncing a Ball
  • Throwing an Axe
  • Replacing an Object
  • Animating Flying Text
  • Rigging the Locomotive
  • Animating a Catapult

More Animation!

  • Skeletons and Kinematics
  • Skeletons: The Hand
  • Inverse Kinematics
  • Basic Relationships: Constraints
  • Basic Relationships: Set-Driven Keys
  • Application: Rigging the Locomotive

Maya Lighting

  • Basic Lighting Concepts
  • Maya Lights
  • Light Linking
  • Adding Shadows
  • Raytracing Soft Shadows
  • mental ray Lighting
  • mental ray Physical Sun and Sky
  • Lighting Effects
  • Lighting the Decorative Box
  • Further Lighting Practice
  • Tips for Using and Animating Lights

Maya Rendering

  • Rendering Setup
  • Previewing Your Render: The Render View Window
  • Reflections and Refractions
  • Using Cameras
  • Motion Blur
  • Batch Rendering
  • Rendering the Wine Bottle
  • mental ray for Maya
  • Render Layers
  • Final Gather
  • Ambient Occlusion
  • HDRI
  • Rendering the Decorative Box

Maya Dynamics and Effects

  • An Overview of Dynamics and Maya Nucleus
  • Rigid and Soft Dynamic Bodies
  • Animating with Dynamics: The Pool Table
  • nParticle Dynamics
  • Emitting nParticles
  • Animating a Particle Effect: Locomotive Steam
  • Introduction to Paint Effects
  • Toon Shading
  • Customizing Maya

Recommended Knowledge :
Recommended Course(s) :

Training Materials :

Autodesk Official Training Guides (AOTG)

Labs :

This course includes several labs to ensure you will gain the targeted skills and experience.

Credential :

Upon completion of this course the trainee will be given Autodesk attending Certificate.

Category :

The Instructor: