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   JavaScript Fundamentals


Webmasters, software developers, application programmers, client/server developers, and desktop publishers.

JavaScript Fundamentals
Exam # Duration Language Level Type Classroom Code Fees
-- 15 English Professional Course Classroom Cs275 0 LE
Description :

JavaScript Fundamentals is a 15-hour course that teaches developers how to use the features of the JavaScript language to design client-side, platform-independent solutions. Students learn how to write JavaScript programs, script for the JavaScript object model, control program flow, validate forms, animate images, target frames, and create cookies. Students will also understand and use the most popular applications of JavaScript.

Objectives :
  • Writing JavaScript programs
  • Scripting for the JavaScript object model
  • Controlling program flow
  • Validating forms
  • Animating images
  • Targeting frames
  • Creating cookies
  • Understanding and using the most popular applications of JavaScript

Topics :

Introduction to JavaScript

  • Origins of JavaScript
  • JavaScript Characteristics
  • Common Programming Concepts
  • Java and JavaScript
  • Server-Side vs. Client-Side Applications
  • Annotating Code with Comments

Working with Variables and Data

  • Communicating with the User
  • Using Data More Than Once: Variables
  • JavaScript Expressions
  • Operators
  • Inline Scripting, Simple User Events, and
  • the onLoad and onUnload Event
  • Handlers
  • Keywords and Reserved Words

Functions, Methods and Events

  • Functions
  • Defining a Function
  • Calling a Function
  • User and JavaScript Event Handlers
  • Methods as Functions

Controlling Program Flow

  • Controlling Decisoinal Program Flow
  • The if...else Statement
  • The while Statement
  • The do...while Statement
  • The for Statement
  • The break Statement
  • The continue Statement
  • The switch Statement

The JavaScript Object Model

  • Commonly Used Objects
  • The window Object
  • The document Statement
  • The with Object
  • The image Object
  • The history Object
  • The location Object
  • The navigator Object

JavaScript Language Objects

  • JavaScript Language Objects
  • The String Object
  • Additional String Object Methods
  • Evaluating Strings
  • Regular Expressions
  • The Array Object
  • The Date Object
  • Setting and Extracting Time Information
  • The Math Object

Developing Interactive Forms

  • Interactive Forms
  • Overview of Form Elements
  • Referring to form Element
  • The form Object
  • The button Object
  • The checkbox Object
  • The text and textarea Objects
  • The radio Object
  • The select Object
  • Multiple-Selection Lists
  • Form Validation

Cookies and JavaScript Security

  • Security and Cookies
  • What Are Cookies?
  • How Are Cookies Sent?
  • Who Can Send Cookies?
  • Storing Cookies
  • Why Use Cookies?
  • Assigning a Cookie
  • Testing for Cookie Presence
  • Clearing a Cookie
  • Controlling Cookies in the Browser
  • JavaScript Security Issues

Controlling Frames in JavaScript

  • Using Frames and Windows
  • Targeting Frames in JavaScript
  • Changing Two or More Frames
  • Frames, Functions and Variables
  • Targeting Windows
  • Windows, Functions and Variables

Custom JavaScript Objects

  • Creating Custom Objects
  • Custom Object Demonstration
  • Creating the Object: The Contructor
  • Creating an Instance of a Custom Object
  • Creating Object Methods
  • Creating Functions for Your Objects
  • Complex Custom Objects

Recommended Knowledge :

Students must have CIW Foundations certification or equivalent experience, and be proficient in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) authoring. No previous programming experience is required.

Recommended Course(s) :
 Internet Business Foundations
 Windows Vista Core


Training Materials :

CIW Official Curriculum

Labs :

This course includes several labs to ensure you will gain the targeted skills and experience.

Credential :

This course is a credit towards CIW Web Developer

Category :

The Instructor: