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   Java Programming Advanced


Java programmers who wish to increase their depth of knowledge in Java programming and explore the uses of the various advanced packages.

Java Programming Advanced
Exam # Duration Language Level Type Classroom Code Fees
-- 21 English Advanced Course Classroom Cs269 500 LE
Description :

Most production programs will need to interface with technologies such as threading, applets and networking. This course explores advanced Java Standard Edition language features and packages. Multi-threaded applications will be covered in detail including concepts such as deadlocks and race conditions. Trainees will also learn how to utilize more advanced I/O capabilities with object serialization. Client/server applications will be written utilizing both the java.net and java.rmi packages. Reflection in Java and JAR files are covered. There is also an introduction to JavaBeans.

Objectives :
  • Use threads to improve performance of Java programs.
  • Store and retrieve a serialized Java object.
  • Define applets and the applet life cycle.
  • Use streams.
  • Create network applications in Java.
  • Learn to use Java multi-threading and exception handling features.
  • Use reflection classes to examine objects and classes at runtime.
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of database programming in Java using JDBC.
  • Use JavaBeans
  • Create client/server Java applications using sockets and Remote Method Invocation (RMI).

Topics :

Course Introduction

  • Course Objectives
  • Overview
  • Suggested References


  • Programming Applets
  • Applets and Web Browsers
  • Converting an Application into an Applet
  • Converting an Applet into an Application
  • Review Questions

Introduction to Threads

  • Non-Threaded Applications
  • Threaded Applications
  • Creating Threads
  • Thread States
  • Runnable Threads
  • Coordinating Threads
  • Interrupting Threads
  • Runnable Interface
  • ThreadGroups
  • Review Questions

Thread Synchronization and Concurrency

  • Race Conditions
  • Synchronized Methods
  • Deadlocks
  • Synchronized Blocks
  • Thread Communication — wait()
  • Thread Communication — notify()
  • Java 5.0 Concurrency Improvements
  • Thread-Aware Collections
  • Executor
  • Callable
  • Review Questions

Introduction to JDBC

  • The JDBC Connectivity Model
  • Database Programming
  • Connecting to the Database
  • Creating a SQL Query
  • Getting the Results
  • Updating Database Data
  • Finishing Up
  • Review Questions

JDBC SQL Programming

  • Error Checking and the
  • SQLException Class
  • The SQLWarning Class
  • The Statement Interface
  • The ResultSet Interface
  • Updatable Result Sets
  • JDBC Types
  • Executing SQL Queries
  • ResultSetMetaData
  • Executing SQL Updates
  • Transaction Management
  • JDBC SQL Escape Syntax
  • Review Questions

Advanced JDBC

  • Using a PreparedStatement
  • Parameterized Statements
  • Stored Procedures
  • ResultSets from Stored Procedures
  • The execute() Method
  • Batch Updates
  • RowSets
  • DatabaseMetaData
  • Large Objects
  • The DriverManager Class
  • Types of JDBC Driver
  • Review Questions


  • What Is a Stream?
  • InputStream, OutputStream, Reader and Writer
  • Files
  • Stream Classes of java.io.*
  • Review Questions

Advanced I/O - Object Serialization

  • What is Serialization?
  • Serializable Objects
  • Writing an Object
  • Reading an Object
  • Handling Exceptions
  • Customizing Serialization
  • Controlling Serialization
  • Versioning
  • Graduating Task: Building a simple word processor
  • Review Questions

Networking with Sockets

  • Clients and Servers
  • Ports, Addresses and Protocols
  • The Socket Class
  • Communication Using I/O
  • Servers
  • The ServerSocket Class
  • Concurrent Servers
  • The URL Class
  • The URLConnection Class
  • Review Questions

Remote Method Invocation

  • Distributed Applications
  • Stubs
  • Steps to Create a Remote Object
  • An RMI Client
  • An RMI Server
  • RMI Classes and Interfaces
  • Class Distribution
  • RMI Utilities
  • Parameter Passing and Serialization
  • Review Questions

JAR Files

  • The Jar Utility
  • Manifest Files
  • Signed JARs
  • Review Questions


  • The Basic Bean
  • Bean Properties
  • Bound Properties
  • Constrained Properties
  • Visual Beans
  • Packaging Beans
  • Review Questions

Recommended Knowledge :

Trainees should have a good knowledge of Java programming language fundamentals and basic knowledge of Standard Query Language (SQL) before taking this course.

Recommended Course(s) :

Java Programming Core

Training Materials :

EnterCaps Official Courseware

Labs :

This course includes several labs to ensure you will gain the targeted skills and experience.

Credential :

This Course is a credit towards Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP)

Category :

The Instructor: